Archbishop Carroll offers a variety of honors and AP music courses. All students are welcome to enroll in honors band, honors strings, and honors choir. No musical experience is required! 


Honors Band

The Concert Band is an instrumental ensemble that meets during eighth period each day. All students are welcome to join the ensemble, regardless of musical training or experience. Members of the band receive a weekly music lesson from brass, woodwind, string, and percussion specialists. The Concert Band performs at two annual concerts and other school-related performances.


Honors Strings 

The String Ensemble rehearses two times per week during eighth period. All strings players are enrolled in Concert Band,  and receive private or small group instruction in addition to the larger ensemble. The String Ensemble performs at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, as well as other musical functions in and outside of school. 


Honors Chorus

The Chorus is a vocal ensemble that meets during second period each day. This course offers instruction in basic theory, sight-singing, phonetics, vocal techniques, and ear training. The chorus performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts, as well as other events in and outside of school.

AP Music Theory

Music Theory is the study of the musical elements and music composition. Topics of study include notation, intervals, chords, key signatures, time signatures, and four-part music composition. Throughout the course, students develop skills in sight-singing, ear training, and part-writing. All students are required to take the national College Board AP Music Theory exam in May. Juniors and seniors may enroll.

Piano Lab

Piano lab is a small class designed to equip students with the fundamentals of piano playing and music theory. Students receive individualized instruction as well as a keyboard for personal practice time. By the end of the course, students should be able to identify notes on the piano, read sheet music, and understand basic rhythm. Students of all musical backgrounds are invited to enroll. Early registration is encouraged since spots are limited.